The Polman Revolution

From the visionary minds at Polman GmbH arrives the latest cutting-edge robotic automation technology - QLOOP®

Industrial robots are one of the most recognized robots in the world, The sheer ability to mimic hand motions have made them successful through the years. However, due to their core working principle and higher weight, they are extremely inefficient. The market is limited when it comes to choices.

Since 2004, Polman understood the limitation of these commonly available robots and realized the need for a more efficient system. In response to a requirement from the automotive industry, our innovative approach and out of the box thinking led to the design of QLOOP®, a revolutionary process automation system.

How did we do it?

Based on the principle of the driven block chain, it operates at speeds of up to 3 m/s and maintains an unmatched energy-efficiency. Each chain link is equipped with dedicated connections for electrics, pneumatics, and data. Workpieces and products can be loaded and processed or moved, sorted, tested, stacked, packed, or palletized at every point of the production line in a consistently fast in-line process.

The continuous operation of our revolutionary QLOOP® allows unprecedented handling speeds and an unmatched energy efficiency. This will enable you to increase the output of your production line while also lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Our compact, highly adaptive, flexible, and low-maintenance system can be utilized in an abundance of applications - front-of-line, end-of-line or in-between production lines.

Future proof yourself with our QLOOP® Systems. Benefit today from 100% flexible in-line productivity and say goodbye to idle times and bottlenecks.