Our Story

We are a global R&D and manufacturing company based in Germany which was founded in 1995 by Mr. Eckhard Polman in Gelsenkirchen, with a mission of providing simple solutions to complex industrial problems. Due to our remarkable growth, we have moved our headquarters to Bad Feilnbach, Bayern since 2020.

Our vision has always been focused on customer satisfaction. Our core competence lies in understanding our customers’ complex requirements, simplifying them and providing them with an innovative solution.

Since our inception, we developed our business model to recognize development opportunities from a global perspective and our products have transformed the dynamic industrial landscape on an extraordinary scale.

With the goal of simplifying requirements and forward thinking, we have constantly set industry standard benchmarks with our QGUARD® electro-pneumatic actuators. Polman actuators are known worldwide for their innovation, accuracy and durability, especially in the international oil and gas industry.

Since 2004, we have been active in the robotics and industrial process automation industry. In response to a requirement from the automotive industry, we developed our innovative product QLOOP®, a continuously operating industrial robot. Well known for its high operating speed, efficiency and versatility, this revolutionary automation system earned Eckhard Polman a Medaille d’Or at the Salon International des Inventions Geneve in 2011.

As an R&D company we always look forward to new challenges that inspire us to think out of the box. Our international team of employees located at offices in Germany, Saudi Arabia and India serve our global customers wherever and whenever needed – you call, we are there for you.