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    Quality work through dedication

    We are a leader in designing and developing custom-made actuators, and automation systems (ProChain® Technology), with diverse and loyal global client base. We use best practices to offer the best possible high quality customized products. Our automated solutions are specifically designed to develop a dynamic manufacturing capability of our clients.​

    Customized Actuators

    The most accurate automation solution

    ProChain Technology

    Smart automated handling systems


    Highly specialised research and development

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    We meet the increasing requirements of the industry for special solutions in automation and handling technology, as well as to ensure further growth of the company.


    High Quality

    We guarantee the highest quality of customized products.


    Expert Support

    We provide expert support in a short period of time.


    Short Payback Period

    We guarantee the shortest payback period.

    Polman GmbH, currently located in Bad Feilnbach, Bavaria Germany is a German developer, and manufacturer of world-class actuators and robotic systems for industrial uses. Polman Co., located in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the KSA subsidiary of Polman GmbH.

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